Australia Post Express Post

Before contacting the PIO with your complaint, we ask that you pursue the matter as far as possible with the postal operator.

This is an Australia Post service which offers next business day delivery to certain areas subject to conditions. It is also a barcoded product, so delivery can be recorded.

As with normal mail, valuable items such as jewellery should not be sent in an Express Post parcel. However, these items may be sent by Express Post Platinum (see below).

If delivery does not take place within the advertised service standards, the sender can claim a free replacement Express Post envelope. Compensation is not payable for consequential loss caused by late delivery. Compensation for damage or loss is limited to $50 maximum.

Generally, we will only investigate complaints that Australia Post has refused compensation within the limits mentioned above.

Normal Express Post

The outside of the Express Post packaging explains the nature of the delivery guarantee. Check the back of the packaging for details of the next business day service area.

Only items which have a signature on the Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Statement (where provided) are sent by air. Not signing this invalidates the Express Post guarantee and your item will be sent by the normal mail process.

Retaining the barcode tab for the Express Post item provides a reference in case of the item going missing, or delay.

It is not a signature service, and will be delivered the same as normal mail with the exception of the barcode being scanned to record delivery.

Express Post Platinum

Express Post Platinum offers next day delivery (within the stated network), the facility to track the progress of an item through the mail system (where tracking infrastructure is in place), and a signature on delivery.

Compensation for lost or damaged Express Post Platinum items is limited to $100 unless Extra Cover has been purchased. Extra Cover is available for an additional cost and provides cover for items up to $5000 value.

Express Post International (EPI) and Express Courier International (ECI)

There are some differences between domestic and international Express Post products. For example, international Express Post parcels can be insured. Check the product information, the carrier website or at the point of purchase if you are unsure.

The guarantee applies to the despatch of letters only, not to delivery.